Supporting your use of Personal Protective Equipment

We are implementing a range of additional initiatives designed to keep you safe at work and support you in the correct use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

The correct use of PPE is a fundamental part of our safe management of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The changes, which respond to feedback, include additional resources and roles to support your correct use of PPE and to ensure the safety of those entering and leaving suspected COVID (SCOVID) and COVID wards.

The three roles are PPE Advisors, PPE Coaches and Concierges.

These roles should not only maintain and improve our safety and PPE compliance but also standardise approaches across all Monash Health sites so that we have a sustainable model throughout the pandemic.

Chief Operating Officer, Martin Keogh said “These new roles will help us embed strong practice and ensure everyone is using PPE in the right way, particularly in the higher-risk wards and units.

“Another important aspect we’re introducing is a Concierge role, which is an important non-clinical role that will be stationed outside the entrance of our COVID and admission and COVID wards. This role will help minimise unnecessary traffic into these as wards as well as ensuring anyone entering the wards is wearing the correct PPE.

“We will be advertising these Concierge roles shortly.

“With the three roles working together with all employees, we will further support employee and patient safety,” Martin said.

The full descriptions of each of the roles, along with the PPE Coaching checklist and language guide, and related templates are available on the coronavirus website for employees.

PPE role summaries: 

  • PPE advisors: provide ongoing support, direct observational guidance and advice where it is needed to ensure we are all using PPE correctly.
  • PPE coaches: additional roles to support with PPE management and precautions. Our PPE coaches will monitor ward practices including PPE, physical distancing, food and beverages and tea rooms.
  • Concierges: non-clinical roles, ensure traffic on the COVID management wards is minimised and PPE application requirements are maintained.

Approved by Martin Keogh

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