Changes to residential care visitation 

As community numbers of COVID-19 decrease, we are now able to balance the measures put in place to restrict visitation at our residential care facilities with our broader responsibilities of ensuring we continue to meet the physical, emotional and psychological wellbeing needs of our care recipients. 

As such, we are introducing a staged approach and easing some visitation restrictions across Monash Health residential care facilities. This will ensure we maintain our level of care, safety and support to our care recipients as we transition to a COVID normal state.  

Updated visitation posters can be downloaded and printed for display. 

In addition, please familiarise yourself with the amended visitation information and assist carers and visitors with the safety measures 

Visitation will be reintroduced allowing for one visitor, per care recipient, per day between the hours of 1pm to 5pm, for a maximum of one hour. In order to ensure the safety of our most vulnerable care recipients, there will be several precautionary measures put in place to ensure visitors and care recipients can enjoy each other’s company and remain assured they are doing so safely. 

Visitor information 

  • Electronic ‘Virtual’ Visiting remains the usual and safest options for care recipients to stay in contact with loved ones and will be promoted as the preferred option for social visits. 
  • Visiting hours will be between 1pm to 5pm and require coordination with the facility prior to visitingContact to organise visits will be managed by each facility.  
  • The total number of visitors within the facility at any time will be monitored to ensure safe social distancing.  
  • The one visitor per care recipient at a time, per day for a maximum period of one hour allows for physical distancing to be maintained.  
  • For essential care and support visits for care recipients, visitors will be required to coordinate their visit with the facility prior to visiting 
  • Visitors to facilities at the Kingston Centre site will be required to present to the Kingston Centre Main Reception for screening BEFORE proceeding to the residential care facility.  
  • Local screening will remain in place within the homes utilising the visitor registers and the SwipedOn electronic registration system.  
  • The visitor log will require visitors to attest to the COVID19 screening questions and sign.  

Additional safety measures 

  • All caregivers/visitors must have received and up-to-date flu vaccination and have certification or sign a declaration that they are vaccinated. 
  • A visitor, and where possible the care recipient, must wear a fitted mask for the duration of the visit.  
  • In certain circumstances, visitors may be required to wear additional PPE, they will be directed by employees if this is the case 
  • Where the care needs of the care recipient mean social distancing is not possible alternative measures such as outdoor, no contact visits and higher levels of PPE may be required. 
  • Visitors will be instructed to conduct visits in the care recipient’s bedrooms where there are single rooms or alternatively either in designated areas or outdoors.  
  • Visitors may bring in food for care recipients which must be consumed during the visit or taken off the premises by the visitor at the end of the visit.  
  • All food packaging should be able to be wiped with Clinell wipes. 

You can find out more about visitation guidelines across Monash Health here. 

Authorised by Andrew Perta – General Manager, Specialty Medicine, Cancer and Critical Care 

Approved by Katrina Nankervis – Chief Nursing and Midwifery Officer 

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