Outstanding Employee Workplace Declarations – time for action

Approximately 7 % of our employees have not completed the compulsory Employee Workplace Declaration form to declare all of their workplaces, even if Monash Health is their only place of work.

If you haven’t completed the form, please do it today. We need to achieve a 100% completion rate.

Monash Health requires all employees to complete an Employee Workplace Declaration form in line with a directive from the Public Health Commander, under the Public Health and Wellbeing Act 2008. This requirement is an essential element of the State’s pandemic preparedness and response.

This declaration enables us to have a record of where all our employees work, whether solely for Monash Health or across multiple organisations. This includes working from home and voluntary work also needs to be declared.

The swift management of the COVID outbreaks in Victoria over the holiday period, reminded us of the value of accurate, up to date information about people’s movements at any given time.

At Monash Health, where we are constantly working with vulnerable population groups, we want to be very sure of where all our employees work so we can provide DHHS with the most up to date information as quickly as possible.

This week messages will be sent to all employees who have not completed the declaration, along with their managers, requesting they take immediate action. Please encourage your colleagues to complete the declaration as soon as possible.

If there is continued non-compliance, then there will be direct follow-up with individuals that may include disciplinary action.

You can find more information on the Monash Health COVID-19 website.




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