Family Violence related question added to RiskMan

Across our health service we must be alert to the signs of family violence and ready to respond, have sensitive conversations and make sure we provide the right advice to help keep people safe.

In November last year a new category was added to RiskMan to capture whether an incident or near miss relates to family violence. Since the field was introduced already 13 incidents have been recorded. This could include an occupational health and safety risk to employees (e.g. employee is stalked at work by an ex-partner) or a clinical risk to a patient (e.g. Code Black called due to patient being assaulted by family member on the premises).

In addition to the standard RiskMan investigation and implementation process, all family violence incidents will be reviewed monthly at the Family Violence Taskforce meeting.

All employees are encouraged to familiarise themselves with when and how to use the new family violence field within RiskMan. You can find the Quick Reference Guide on the intranet, or download it here.

Please note: Occupational Violence and Aggression (OVA) incidents that do not relate to violence within the family do not need to complete this additional step.

How to use RiskMan field for family violence

Step 1: Identify that family violence forms part of the incident or near  miss.

Step 2: Under the “who was affected?” tab there is a question that asks, “Does family violence form part of the incident or near miss?” (This is automatically populated to “No”). Click “Yes” if the incident relates to family violence A second box will open called – “Brief detail (if known)”

Step3: Enter a very brief detail of why family violence forms part of the incident

Step 4: Complete the remainder of the incident report including details about the nature of the incident or near miss, e.g. observations, injuries – including the type, extent, age and location of any physical injuries sustained, risk factors and action taken.

You can learn more about our Strengthening Hospital Responses to Family Violence on the COVID employee website, the intranet, PROMPT or contact the team directly via:

Our commitment to responding to family violence continues and if you have not completed your training, you are encouraged to book in via Latte today.  Manager training is now mandatory.

Approved by Katrina Nankervis 

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