STAR Award winners – your colleagues’ achievements in Q4 2020

The final recipients of the 2020 STAR Awards were announced by Chief Executive Andrew Stripp at our recent employee forum. From going above and beyond for a discharged patient to successfully handling a small fire, our teams have demonstrated excellence across the board. Read on to learn more about your colleagues and their achievements.

If you know someone who embodies excellence in these categories, head to the STAR Portal and nominate them for the next round of STAR Awards.

Excellence in Occupational Health, Safety and Wellbeing – Jason Chua and Tayla White

When faced with an uncommon hazard at work, Jason Chua and Tayla White worked to ensure the safety of patients, visitors and employees in the area.

Late last year, a small fire broke out in the Adult Dialysis Unit at Monash Medical Centre. Graduate nurse Tayla noticed some smoke coming from one of the electrical sockets a dialysis machine was plugged into. Following the RACE acronym that we all carry on our security passes, she removed the patient from the area and raised the alarm. While a Code Red was being called, Associate Nurse Unit Manager Jason arrived with a fire extinguisher and managed to put out the fire. As a result of their quick, safe action, no one was injured.

The incident was handled in a professional, collaborative manner, with DCOs, the Engineering department and the Fire Brigade all working together. Jason and Tayla quickly identified the hazard and managed to handle the situation in a prompt and professional way, ensuring that no one was harmed.

Excellent Experiences – Grace Schofield

Grace is a Speech Pathologist who is known for her lovely demeanour and diligent work. Her patients and their families all speak highly of her. This was demonstrated recently when she was caring for an elderly patient from a non-English speaking background. The patient’s medical issues included a deteriorated swallow function which required a significantly modified diet. However, the patient was unexpectedly discharged before Grace was able to complete the usual diet modification education process with their family. This can increase the risk of readmission for aspiration related illness.

After the patient was discharged, Grace acted quickly, providing education over the phone. She arranged to meet with the patient’s daughter to provide written documentation, a supply of thickener powder and verbal education about how to safely prepare food and drinks for the patient.

Grace also made sure the community rehabilitation service followed up with the family immediately and provided a very detailed handover. The patient’s daughter had nothing but praise for Grace, saying she made the family feel completely comfortable and supported despite the quick discharge. She mentioned how grateful she was for receiving the written education in their language. The patient is doing well at home and has not had another readmission since being discharged.

Grace’s commitment to providing the best care is a clear example of the excellence we aim for at Monash Health. Well done Grace!

Excellence in Research, Teaching and Innovation – Georgia Chapple, Ellen Plier and Johnny Gallardo

Georgia Chapple, Ellen Plier and Johnny Gallardo are Clinical Nurse Specialists in the Monash Newborn 5A Nest. They care for some of the most acutely unwell premature and term babies. They  were able to identify a potential risk in one of the vital procedures used on newborn babies and went on to educate other team members about how to minimise this risk.

One of the life-saving measures used in our Monash Newborn team is central venous access devices (CVADS) which allow for continuous infusions for nutrition, as well as the administration of vital medication infusions. However, this comes with the risk of line-associated infections. There is work being completed to reduce all line-associated infections with a target of zero and they have contributed to that work.

They identified that CVAD dressing changes and removals were sometimes delayed due to medical workloads. They suggested that senior nurses be credentialed in CVAD dressing removal and application and this idea was welcomed.

Georgia, Ellen and Johnny collaborated with Nurse Practitioners to review the CVAD dressing procedure and to ensure that it was standardised. They assisted in reviewing the procedure and developed a learning package to help with learning the procedure. They also created a learning video which demonstrated the practical techniques of removing and applying a new dressing.

This initiative minimises the risk of line-associated infections within Monash Newborn. Well done to Georgia, Ellen and Johnny for their idea and initiative in driving this new strategy to improve the care we give to some of our smallest patients.

Exceptional Teamwork – EMR Doctor Training and Adoption team

Chirag Lodhia, Justin Ah Yick and Vicky Rout are part of the EMR Doctor Training and Adoption team. Together, they delivered EMR/Prescribing training to 108 medical interns, all entirely remotely. Junior doctor’s proficiency in prescribing is relied upon heavily, with approximately 70% of all scripts being written by junior doctors. The team went above and beyond in providing support for a large cohort of junior doctors.

Despite connectivity issues, access issues and the large number of the cohort, the EMR Training Team remained calm, became adaptive, offered many additional training sessions and provided supplementary individual tutorials to interns.

Feedback from the interns was overwhelming. Team leader, Chirag, who was well supported by Justin and Vicky, was mentioned over 30 times in the surveys. Here is some of the feedback they received:

  • Chirag has been super informative and helpful despite the IT struggles, can’t thank him enough for his hard work!
  • Massive thank you to Chirag and his team for their patience – a super tricky job.
  • Chirag was so excellent and so patient, this was a very hard session to run and he was so helpful, even though he had to stay after time. Really appreciate it!
  • Chirag and the rest of the EMR team were great and extremely patient.
  • Chirag was amazing, the EMR webinar taking us through step-by-step was great

Well done to Chirag, Justin and Vicky for ensuring our junior doctors are equipped to give the best care to our patients.

Improving Care and Access – Meg Allan

Meg is a Social Worker at Monash Medical Centre who demonstrates kindness and compassion in her work with patients and families. She always keeps the focus on patient care, even when there are challenging issues to be addressed.

Meg recently worked with a patient where there were a multitude of challenges across a range of service systems – Health, NDIS, VCAT, ACAS – and a range of opinions about the best way forward. Meg was required to navigate each of these service systems, to escalate and engage with senior team members, and to support the patient and their family through a difficult hospital admission.

She did not shy away from these challenges. Instead, she worked tirelessly to achieve a good outcome for the patient. Meg did an excellent job of supporting the patient, his family, and the team through this difficult admission.

Managing Wisely – Imran Hanif

Imran is the Manager of the Central Production Kitchen (CPK) at Kingston Centre. The Central Production Kitchen services all of Monash Health and other Public Health Services’ food requirements. Imran is also the Support Services manager for Kingston Centre, Residential Aged Care and Moorabbin.

Over the years, he has led the expansion and development of the Central Production Kitchen’s model as a sustainable, stand alone, viable business, which is financially sound and delivers income back to the organisation. CPK ensures high quality meal production and operates a fully self-funded business model, funding its own capital requirements.

Imran has led the commissioning of the third production kitchen, in Building 10, to accommodate Smart Pak meal preparation for the expansion of Casey Hospital. This involved the recommissioning of a previous production kitchen with 50-year-old infrastructure, which was upgraded as required.

He has identified opportunities by streamlining the production of sandwiches and salads across facilities, leading to significant cost savings within the organisation. He has also led the introduction of allergen meals and halal meals in order to cater for specific dietary and cultural requirements. During COVID-19, Imran has delivered pandemic meals to the state, supporting the Victorian Government’s response.

He is innovative, fiscally savvy and constantly thinking outside the box. Well done Imran!

In Pursuit of Excellence – Dr David Wetherell

David is a Junior Medical Officer who works in our Surgical department. David was the organiser and co-developer of the fundraising event PumpthePedals for Prostate Cancer, which was held at Casey Hospital on the 5th and 6th December 2020. The event was supported by Chief Executive Andrew Stripp and the Monash Foundation. David committed hundreds of hours of work for this cause, including organising social media, branding, corporate sponsorship, talent and the logistics of the event. Through a pandemic and two change-of-event dates, he remained the driving force for PumpthePedals 2020.

This event was planned to increase awareness of Prostate Cancer and to raise funds for a new Ultrasound machine and Prostate Cancer nurses as part of Monash Urology unit’s new Prostate Cancer Pathway and Survivorship Clinic. The project garnered support from the Pharmaceutical industry, every member of the Urology unit at Monash Health and several celebrities in the sporting sphere including Brian Taylor (AFL) and Matthew Keenan (SBS Tour de France).

The team committed to riding 1000km in the foyer of Casey and this was achieved. The goal was to raise $150,000 and the final tally was $155,000. The Monash Urology department plan to make this an annual Prostate Cancer fundraising event, as they received great feedback and support from all those involved.

Director of Monash Urology, Scott Donnellan, wanted to nominate David for this inspirational achievement that aspires for excellence at Monash Health and has gone far in helping fund Prostate Cancer treatment.

Outstanding Care or Service Delivery – Ward H, Casey Hospital

Recently, Ward H Sub-Acute ward at Casey Hospital, which includes Nursing, Medical, Allied Health & the NDIS team, displayed a collaborative approach of consistent support, advocacy and commitment to the care of a 49 year old man admitted with a significant disability. The patient experienced massive communication barriers and hearing impairment as a result of his disability.

During the admission the patient displayed ongoing challenging behaviours. The ward was faced with the task of managing their own safety, whilst being committed to delivering the best care for the patient. They worked alongside neuropsychology to develop a specific behaviour management in order to ensure they were delivering the highest level of care.

The Ward H Rehabilitation team explored the best possible outcome for this patient. Ongoing navigation, exploration of the patients’ rights, engagement with DHHS around an appropriate response and accommodation for this patient were all considered.

The team on Ward H continued to advocate for their patient and always went one step further to ensure they were achieving the best outcome for the patient.


Approved by Karen Lowe


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