UPDATE to employee surveillance testing

In response to the current risk of COVID-19 transmission in the community, we have introduced COVID-19 surveillance testing for various employee groups.

Some of you have already commenced testing, and we want to draw your attention to a change in the process – when you scan the QR code and fill in the surveillance testing form you will be asked to hit ‘Submit’, you will see a green tick and the form is completed. You no longer need to scan the QR code a second time to submit your form.

Surveillance testing is routine asymptomatic testing for COVID-19, designed to serve as an early detection system and identify any transmission of COVID-19. Thank you for taking the time to complete these tests and answer the questions on the form. While it can take a few minutes out of your day, you are making a big difference to limiting the spread of COVID-19 within our service.

Following the process is essential to ensure we can correctly process every sample, so please read the information below carefully.

If you are undergoing asymptomatic surveillance testing, you do not need to isolate while waiting for your result.

Who is surveillance testing for?
Compulsory surveillance testing is now in place for:

  • All employees, after caring for a COVID-19 positive patient.
  • All employees in COVID-19 streaming areas (where care of a COVID-19 patient occurs) across other health services.
  • All employees who have worked in an exposure area.

Voluntary surveillance testing is available for:

  • All employees in ICUs and EDs who are showing no COVID-19 symptoms and not caring for a COVID-19 positive patient.
  • All employees working in community settings where increased transmission is present.

Further detail for employees and contractors working in streaming areas and high-risk areas within and outside Monash Health is available here.

What does surveillance testing involve?
Surveillance testing involves:

  • 1 throat-nose swab per week
  • Daily saliva swab (on all the days you attend work)

For two weeks after last COVID exposure/contact.

We use a self-swabbing model for both saliva and weekly throat-nose swabs at our hospital sites. Importantly if you have symptoms, you must not perform a self-swab but instead visit one of our Monash Health or Department of Health COVID-19 testing site.

What you need to do if you are participating in surveillance testing

  1. Pre-register for your Surveillance Test using the Department of Health Industry Staff Surveillance Pre-Fill Testing Form.
  2. You will receive a Unique Registration Number (URN) for your surveillance test which is valid for 90 days – keep this safe and make sure you have it ready when you attend for your test.
  3. If attending a Pathology Collection Centre or Screening Clinic: provide your URN to the Pathology / Screening Clinic Staff Member and tell them you are presenting for Monash Health Employee Surveillance Testing. The Screening staff will need to know which Hospital you work at and your work area.

If attending an unmanned surveillance station, you will need to enter the above details manually into Test Tracker. A self-learning video is available here and there are step-by-step instructions in the surveillance testing stations in your work area.

Test Tracker is an online pathology request form and must be completed for the laboratory to be able to process your test.

Surveillance testing locations
If you are participating in COVID-19 surveillance testing, you can attend Monash Health’s site-based Pathology collection centres at our Casey, Clayton, Moorabbin, and Dandenong Hospital sites for saliva and throat-nose swabs.

There are several testing locations, some are listed below, however more are being added frequently. For a full list of locations go to the Employee Testing page on the Employee Coronavirus website.

If you have been asked to get tested due to an exposure, you should first attend a Monash Health screening clinic, not use a surveillance testing site unless advised to do so.

Casey Hospital Pathology Collection Centre
Level 1 Casey Hospital
8am – 5pm (M-F)

Casey, additional Saliva Testing Stations available:

  • ED
  • Casey IPU2
  • Casey ICU
  • Casey Theatre
  • Casey Tower 5
  • Casey Imaging
  • Hospital in the home

MMC Clayton Pathology Collection Centre
JMPH Pathology Collection Centre, Suite G
8am – 6pm (M-F)
8am – 2pm (Sat)

MMC Clayton, additional Saliva Testing Stations available:

  • Birth suite
  • W32
  • ED
  • Monash Children’s 3A Forest
  • ICU
  • ED – short stay
  • Theatre
  • Endoscopy
  • Ward 33
  • Ward 34 & Dialysis
  • Ward 44
  • Hospital in the home
  • Monash Heart

Monash Children’s Hospital

  • PICU
  • MC@Home
  • Theatres

Dandenong Hospital Pathology Collection Centre
West Entrance, Level 2
8am – 6pm (M-F)
8am – 12pm (Sat – Sun)

Dandenong Hospital

  • ED
  • Maternity
  • West 4
  • AAU
  • ICU

Moorabbin Pathology Collection Centre

8am – 5pm (M-F)

Alternatively, you can visit any Department of Health COVID-19 testing site (including Monash Health sites) for your weekly throat-nose swab.

A reminder that if you are undergoing surveillance testing you do not need to isolate while waiting for your result.

Symptomatic testing and hospital patient testing are prioritised before surveillance testing so the turnaround time for your surveillance testing result may take longer.

We appreciate your time and thank you for undergoing surveillance testing to keep your patients, colleagues, loved ones and our service safe.

Approved by Professor Rhonda Stuart


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