Join us tomorrow for a panel discussion on men’s health

Join us tomorrow for a special employee wellbeing forum, where we will be joined by a panel of Monash Health experts to discuss men’s health, to commemorate Men’s Health Week.

Our panellists will share insights and tips to stay on top of potential health issues, and why having the courage to act when it comes to your health is so important.

Our panellists will include:

  • Professor Stephen Nicholls, Director of MonashHeart
  • Dr Scott Donnellan, Director of Urology
  • Dr Matthew Stuckey, Senior Youth Focused Mental Health Clinician
  • Mr Jude Hewavasam, Exercise Physiologist

Men’s Health Week is celebrated each year in June and offers us the opportunity to promote and support the health and wellbeing of all males.

For more information about Men’s Health Week, visit their website.

For further information and resources to support your own and your team’s health and wellbeing, visit the employee wellbeing webpages.


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