Victorian Heart Hospital (VHH) Digital Readiness Checklist – MANAGERS

Ensure you and your team are ‘VHH Digital Ready’ for Go-Live by completing the following steps.  

As we move rapidly towards the opening of the VHH, it is essential for you to ensure that your team has completed the required VHH EMR training before their first clinical shift in this fully digitalised hospital.

All employees that are transferring, rotating or new to VHH, need to complete the relevant VHH eLearning and SimLab sessions. 

New employees to VHH also need to complete EMR Foundations eLearning and Webinar for their speciality area. 

VHH Training and Access to Digital Systems

1. Ensure all employees have completed compulsory VHH EMR Training as soon as possible. This includes completion of EMR Foundations Training for NEW Monash Health employees. Employees will not have access to the EMR until they have completed training. 

  • Make sure your team members know which EMR eLearning training stream they need to complete via Latte prior to attending their SimLab training. If you are unsure of which training stream your team fits into check the VHH Training Matrix.
  • Ensure you book your team members into the relevant SimLab sessions via Latte  as soon as possible if you haven’t done so already – Don’t delay booking them in or they may miss out on SimLab vacancies being available. 
  • Review the VHH Training Requirements Information if you are unsure of the EMR training your team members need to complete. 

2. Track the training status of your team members, we have 2 options available for you to review the training progress 


Refer to the Accessing Employee EMR/VHH Training Completion QRG, available on the EMR Knowledge Hub, for information on how to find the training completion information in both systems. 

3. Once you have confirmed that your employees have completed their training, you need to ensure they have access to the digital systems relevant to their discipline. Access for the Automated Medication Cabinets and the NEXA QFlow system is outlined here. Additionally, there will be further information to come about access to other systems.

Requesting Access to Digital Systems 

For Nursing and Pharmacy employees requiring access to the Automated Medication Cabinet (AMC), managers must register their team members on the AMC server prior to their fingerprint being registered on the AMC for biometric access to the device they will be using. Follow the steps outlined in the VHH Digital Hub AMC Update.   

For employees requiring Nexa Qflow, request access for your team members by following the steps outlined in the VHH Digital Hub NEXA Update.  

If you have any queries regarding EMR training including late bookings for SimLabs or Webinars, contact 

Rostering your Champions

1. Have you identified your Champions? 

2. Are your Champions booked into the additional SimLab session? 

3. Have you rostered your Champions for the 2-week Go-Live period?

 Email if you have any Champion related questions.  

Familiarisation and Readiness Sessions and Events

1. Have your employees attended any relevant familiarisation sessions or events? Please refer to the Victorian Heart Hospital Information Site Calendar on the Home page to see what sessions and events are occurring daily. It is important to note that these Readiness sessions and events are in addition to the mandatory VHH EMR Training and are designed to supplement, not replace, training.    

 2. Log On Event (Non-medical employees): Ensure your employees are Go-Live ready by attending the Log On Event: 

  • Location: VHH on Ground Floor, near the NEXA Kiosks 
  • When: Wednesday 15 February to Friday 17 February and Monday 20 February to Wednesday 22 February 
  • Time: 8:30am – 4:00pm each day 
  • This event includes registering your fingerprint on the AMCs for Nursing (as long as managers have set their nurses up in the Omnicell server!) as well as setting up EMR preferences and your Baret role in MS Teams for clinical communication. Employees must have completed the required EMR training prior to attending the Log On Event.  

Please note there will be a Favourites Fair Event for Doctors and Nurse Practitioners during these same dateslocation and time TBC.

3. Frontline Manager Digital Readiness Session: Ensure you attend this important session on Friday 10 February, 2.00pm-3.30pm, via Teams. Invites have been sent to managers. 

4. Super User Briefings for Super Users and Champions: There will be two Super User Briefing sessions on Wednesday 15 February (12:00pm – 1:00pm) and Thursday 16 February (12:00pm – 1:00pm). Both sessions are the same – your Super Users only need to attend one session. We encourage your Champions to attend if possible.  

These briefing sessions will be held on-site at VHH (location TBC), so we encourage any Super Users or Champions who will be on-site to attend in person. We are planning to have this session via Teams and will be recording it, for those Super Users and Champions not based at VHH yet or unable to attend. Slides will be made available, and invites will be sent shortly.  

Please email if you have any questions related to the Familiarisation and Readiness Sessions and Events.

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