A bit of TLC wins STAR Award for Ward 33

Give a huge round of applause to the team on Ward 33, who are our ‘Improving Care and Access” STAR Award winners. 

This Improving Care and Access Award is given to a team who improve ways for patients to access and manage their care. This may include developing partnerships with our community to enhance patient independence and wellbeing, supporting prevention and early intervention, and developing new ways to help patients or colleagues feel safe, included, and experience improved equity of care. 

The Ward 33 team were nominated for providing exceptional care to a patient with a significant history of PTSD, agoraphobia and panic attacks.  

The patient was admitted to the ward for surgery, and without the nurturing support of the nursing team, this particular patient may not have stayed in hospital and progressed to having their surgery. 

The patient was cared for by the whole of the ward, but special mention to Angela Keyburn, Connie Gleeson, Danika Pang, Emily Bullock, Cam Duff and Karen Johnson for taking the time to allow the patient to process what was happening and become comfortable in her surroundings. 

If you would like to nominate a colleague or team, you can do so at any time by visiting the STAR Awards portal. For more information about the STAR Awards program, visit the Monash Health COVID-19 website. 

Approved by Natasha Fletcher, Acting Executive Director, People and Culture

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