All VHH employees complete your eLearning today to be ‘VHH Digital Ready’   

The Victorian Heart Hospital (VHH) welcomed its first patients on 23 February. All employees transferring, rotating or new to the VHH, need to complete the VHH eLearning and SimLab sessions relevant to them. Employees will not have access to the EMR until training is completed.  

VHH employees get Digital Ready 

It is essential for you to ensure you complete the required VHH EMR training before your first clinical shift in this fully digitalised hospital.  

New employees to the VHH also need to complete area. EMR Foundations eLearning and Webinar for your speciality . 

You can access your EMR eLearning via  Latte prior to attending your SimLab training.  

Your manager can help you identify your eLearning stream, and they will ensure you are booked into the relevant SimLab sessions.  

Find out more about VHH Training and Adoption on the VHH Information site. 

VHH Managers ensure your team are Digital Ready 

  1. Use the VHH Training Matrix to identify the relevant eLearning stream for your team members.  
  2. Ensure you book your team members into the relevant SimLab sessions via Latte.  
  3. Review the VHH Training Requirements Information if you are unsure of the EMR training your team members need to complete.  
  4. Track the training status of your team members, we have two options available for you to review the training progress: 

  5. Refer to the Accessing Employee EMR/VHH Training Completion QRG, available on the EMR Knowledge Hub, for information on how to find the training completion information in both systems.  
  6. Once you have confirmed that your employees have completed their training, you need to ensure they have access to the digital systems relevant to their discipline (details are below).  

VHH Managers roster your Champions 

  1. Have you identified your Champions?  
  2. Are your Champions booked into the additional SimLab session?  
  3. Have you rostered your Champions for the 2-week Go-Live period? 
    • You need one Champion per shift per day 

VHH Managers request access to digital systems  

For Nursing and Pharmacy employees requiring access to the Automated Medication Cabinet (AMC), managers must register their team members on the AMC server prior to their fingerprint being registered on the AMC for biometric access to the device they will be using. Follow the steps outlined in the VHH Digital Hub AMC Update.    

For employees requiring Nexa QFlow, request access for your team members by following the steps outlined in the VHH Digital Hub NEXA Update.   

If you have any queries regarding EMR training including late bookings for SimLabs or Webinars, contact 

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