Enterprise Agreement updates

Monash Health and Jessie McPherson Private Hospital operate under 11 Enterprise Agreements.

The implementation of Enterprise Agreements is overseen by the Employee Relations team who work closely with the relevant business area, People and Culture Business Partners, payroll, recruitment and OHS to ensure accurate and timely implementation.

A large number of Enterprise Agreements have either recently commenced operating or are currently in bargaining. Whilst still in the implementation phase, the below Enterprise Agreements have had all wages, back pay and other once-off payments made.

  • Medical Specialist
  • Doctors in Training
  • Dental Therapists (rollover EBA)
  • Allied Health Professionals
  • Medical Scientists, Pharmacists and Psychologists
  • Biomedical Engineers (rollover EBA)
  • Maintenance
  • General Dentists

Changes to paid parental leave and long service leave (where relevant) have all been implemented.

Additional annual leave under the Nurses and Midwives EBA, Mental Health EBA and Health and Allied EBA have now been implemented by payroll, including correction of accruals and the progressive accrual of additional annual leave moving forwards. Updates to the accrual of annual leave can be found here.

Other remaining changes to the above Enterprise Agreements are currently being implemented.

The Maintenance, General Dentists, Biomedical Engineers, and Dental Therapists EBAs are currently in bargaining and further information will be provided when we receive updates throughout the process.

You can find enterprise agreements, salary circulars and other resources on the People and Culture intranet page.

If you have any queries, please contact the People and Culture Advice Line on 9265 2724 or hradvice@monashhealth.org


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