Spotlighting on our recent STAR Awards nominees

We see many extraordinary examples of kindness, respect, and excellence every day across Monash Health. Our Say Thanks And Recognise (STAR) Awards recognise individuals and teams who pursue excellence through efforts big and small.

We are thrilled to announce the 77 nominations for individuals or teams that were received recently. Congratulations to the nominees and we wish you all the best in the judging stage:

  • Hannah Keighery
  • Monash Watch Team
  • Moorabbin Palliative Care Consult Service Team
  • Fumitaka Nonaka
  • Emma Williams
  • Shannon Bishop
  • Thea Johnstone
  • Jemma Hilliard
  • Meaghan Strickland, Darcey O’Dwyer and Anna Kvyatkovska
  • Ameen Farsakh
  • Thomas Carrello
  • Stomal Therapy Clayton
  • Jennifer Jackman
  • Peter Ryan
  • Marielle Collings
  • Clinical Nurse Consultants at Acute Pain Service (APS), Anaesthesia Department
  • Darelle Van Haaster
  • South Eastern Centre Against Sexual Assault and Family Violence (SECASA) Seaford
  • Marilena Christopoulos
  • Angelene Simmenauer
  • Bradley Hart
  • Praneeta Ranchod
  • Chiragkumar Patel
  • Allied Health Workers, Tower 3 – Sarah Spiegel, Sophia Ee, Lauren Bull and Rebecca Arnold
  • Marzia Kadir
  • Mei Ling Chu
  • Larissa Pirlo
  • Nichola Richadson
  • Samuel Moloney
  • Jennifer Best
  • Casey Day Surgery, Siobhain Sharma
  • Nicole Slater
  • LGBTIQA+ subcommittee
  • Communication and Engagement Team
  • Sarah Coletti
  • Amy Cutcliffe and Rebecca Puah
  • Danai Kofidou
  • Nadine Murray
  • Cate McGrath
  • Neethu Sunny
  • Moorabbin Hospital Health Information Services (HIS) and Reception Team
  • Isaac Santos
  • South 5 Multidisciplinary Team
  • Melissa Roberts
  • Goldie Newton and Nicole Souery
  • Shihoko Pearson
  • Alanah Healey
  • Priya Abraham
  • Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Team and Wellbeing team
  • Aisling Kelly
  • Erynne Hobbs
  • Michelle Hannan
  • Melissa Woods
  • Monash Medical Centre Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Nursing Education Team
  • Emma Goodes
  • Aged Care Assessment Service, Kingston
  • Complex Care Administration team, Monash Health Community
  • Akram Zulaiqa Syeda
  • Emma Sankey
  • Margaret Mould
  • Michael Chai
  • Kimberley Gallaher
  • Sheree Phillips
  • Victorian Heart Hospital (VHH) Electronic Medical Record (EMR) and Technical Go-Live Team
  • Tracey Bradley
  • 51 South Team
  • Ebony Lucas
  • Andrew Goff
  • Mary Donaghy
  • Yolanda Cox
  • Kristen Lauire
  • Kellie Hammerstein
  • Griffin Shepherd
  • Athina Liacos, Jamieson Sebire and Sahdia Kushkaki
  • Mel Watson and the COVID-19 hotline team
  • Ana Torrevillas
  • Northwest One Ward Team

No matter what Monash Health role, area, department or location you are in, you are invited to nominate a colleague or team for a STAR Award. If you know of a colleague or team who have demonstrated their commitment to our guiding principles and values recently, nominate them today for a STAR Award. The STAR Awards are presented throughout the year, and you can submit your nomination at any time via our STAR Awards portal.

For inspiration to nominate, you can learn more about the eight categories awarded and read the stories of past winners here.

We look forward to announcing the latest round of award winners in the coming weeks. Keep a lookout for the updates on iNews and the weekly INSIGHT email.

For more information about the STAR Awards Program and the award categories visit our Monash Health Employee Recognition Program page.

Approved by Chris McLoughlin, Executive Director, People and Culture

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