Get in front of the flu – Employees confronted by Influenza

We know the flu is already here and in our community, impacting our health services and as Professor Rhonda Stuart said recently, “We’ve also seen some severe illnesses in some of our employees.”

One of our employees, Carol*, shared her recent experience with Influenza A, as a reminder that young, healthy people can also be vulnerable with the impacts lasting some time.

“Initially I had a dry cough and irritated throat for two weeks, which disrupted my sleep but otherwise felt fine. I produced negative results from COVID-19 rapid antigen tests (RATs).”

When her partner became ill after coming home from work one day, Carol* started to worry.

“It was a Thursday and he had felt fatigued since he woke up. That evening, he started experiencing fever, cold chills and deliriousness in waves until Saturday afternoon. He also developed an irritated throat and dry cough.

“My partner said his symptoms felt worse than when he had COVID-19 last year, which made me nervous.”

By Sunday, Carol* also began to experience fever and chills. The resulting PCR test by a GP confirmed that Carol* and her partner had Influenza A.

“Fortunately, my fever and cold chills only lasted for 24 hours. The coughing and bouts of deliriousness were disruptive to my sleep and the fatigue, exhaustion and irritated throat lasted for a long time.

“Since working in healthcare, I realised that we need to be healthy and well in order to support our community with their health. Just get vaccinated! I can personally say that sparing a few minutes to get the flu vaccination is worth the time and effort to avoid or minimise an experience like ours.”

To our employees who have been vaccinated for Influenza or have declared, thank you for arming yourselves, our workforce, patients and the community for this year’s flu season.

We urge you to get in front of the flu for 2023 now. After this week, ongoing vaccination for Influenza will become limited. You can find opportunities to get vaccinated for Influenza for free here.

You can receive your COVID-19 vaccine at the same time as your Influenza vaccination at Monash Immunisation, Monash Medical Centre.

Free employee flu vaccination will continue to be available at Infection Prevention Offices at specific times and Monash Immunisation at Monash Medical Centre, Clayton.

Please note that the cost of flu vaccination outside of our employee program will not be covered by Monash Health. If you have received your Influenza vaccination somewhere else or are not participating for whatever reason, you must let us know by completing the online declaration form here.

Managers and leaders, please take a moment to review the Flu Vaccination – BI Dashboard to check the status of your team members and encourage those that haven’t yet received their flu vaccination, to do so as soon as possible.

For more information about the employee flu vaccination program at Monash Health, visit our Getting an Influenza (flu) vaccination page via the Employee Vaccination Hub. You will also find the answers to more frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the employee flu vaccinations.

*Name has been changed upon request for the protection of the employee’s privacy

Approved by Professor Rhonda Stuart, Director, Public Health and Infection Prevention

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