STAR Award: Sky-high Excellence in Research, Teaching and Innovation

Congratulations Shihoko Pearson for winning the STAR Award for Excellence in Research, Teaching and Innovation.

This award is for an individual, group or team who develops innovative ways to improve the quality of health care and/or service delivery. This may include:

  • Providing quality teaching/education.
  • Developing innovative approaches to enhancing care or service delivery.
  • Undertaking research that brings about significant improvements in clinical quality and safety.

Shihoko is an Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Physiotherapist in the Physiotherapy Department at Monash Medical Centre.

Our Allied Health (AH) department nominated Shihoko for her hard work in a project to create a 2-day Cardiorespiratory Level 1 workshop course to educate any registered Physiotherapist in Australia. Shihoko coordinated and led the group of developers through the process with an amazing result.

“I feel very privileged to be able to receive this award on behalf of the team that worked incredibly hard to deliver this course at an exceptionally high standard. It is a course that will help develop the physiotherapists of the future in the cardiorespiratory field, and I am grateful that Monash Health was provided with the opportunity to impact the wider profession.”

The Monash Health Physiotherapy team submitted a tender in 2019 to the APA (Australian Physiotherapy Association) to receive funding for this project. They received notification in early 2020 that they were successful, but unfortunately due to the pandemic, the challenges for the project were only getting started.

First, the project was delayed until mid-2021. COVID-19 also impacted the parameters of the project, which was originally to deliver a face-to-face workshop. Pivoting on the project, the course was developed into a blended education program with self-paced online modules and 2 online interactive modules that could be conducted through videoconferencing. The self-paced modules of the course were required to be meaningful and engaging to learners and this meant a shift in approach for the workshop developers.

Shihoko and the team consulted with the Workforce, Innovation, Strategy, Education, Research (WISER) AH Education Team, including AH Educators Jade Courtney, Dietitian and Samantha Conway, Exercise Physiologist. With the WISER AH Education team, Shihoko explored how to develop engaging education packages and sought feedback during the development and final stages.

In the end, APA was thrilled with the resource they produced to educate Physiotherapists nationwide.

Shihoko acknowledges and thanks “all 22 staff within WISER and the Physiotherapy Department who contributed to the course development, and the wider department for supporting these clinicians to facilitate the development process.”

Congratulations to Shihoko for winning this STAR Award

If you would like to nominate a colleague or team, you can do so at any time by visiting the STAR Awards portal. For more information about the STAR Awards program, Monash Health Employee Recognition Program page.

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