Is it time for a super health check? – July’s Financial Wellbeing Program

Superannuation may be one of the biggest assets you will accumulate in your lifetime. It can often be one of those things we don’t think about much, as it’s something for “future us” not “current us”.

Check out this month’s Financial Wellbeing Program topic, “Is it time for a super health check” and modules that will help you understand superannuation.

About the Financial Wellbeing Program

All our employees and their families have free access to the Financial Wellbeing Program to support your wellbeing and learning.

Whether you’re just starting to think about your finances or are looking for ways to improve your money management skills, this month’s program is a great way to refresh your outlook.

The program offers bite-sized education modules covering everything from budgeting on payday to securing your future for retirement. Learn at your own pace and optimise your learning by undertaking the modules that best meet your needs.

To discover more topics and modules, visit the direct access link to the Financial Wellbeing program hosted by Money101 here.

Additional wellbeing support

If you are seeking more support about your financial circumstances, talk to a qualified counsellor from our Employee Assistance Program (EAP). Facilitated independently by Converge International, the EAP aims to assist you in meeting any challenges or demands you may be facing in your work or personal life. The program has a Money Assist service stream where you can seek coaching and counselling for your money-related concerns.

For short-term counselling and coaching, book a consultation here or call 1300 687 327 for immediate support:

You can find more details of our Financial Wellbeing Program, EAP and employee wellbeing programs here.


This article and the Financial Wellbeing Program by Money101 do not aim to provide personal financial advice. The Program is designed to provide you with financial education to enable you to make better financial decisions.


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