How to access the Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Your overall happiness and wellbeing impact how you feel at work and in your daily life. That’s why we have our Employee Assistance Program (EAP) available for short-term counselling.

Our EAP is a confidential service independently facilitated by Converge International.

Here’s how employees, their partners, immediate family members, and our volunteers can access the EAP:

Immediate support

For immediate support, call the EAP phone number: 1300 687 327 – available 24/7 including holidays. You can also call the phone number for any queries you have about the EAP.

The Live Chat (“With Counsellor” function) for EAP is also available for an immediate response via the Converge International website during business hours.

Included in the EAP are eight (8) specialised service streams for different types of matters.

Specialised Phone Helplines are also available during business hours.

Non-urgent support and check-ins

For non-urgent support, you can also book appointments for EAP via the Converge International booking form.

Use the Monash Health organisation code, “MONAVEWV” to create your personal profile, allowing ease of access for booking future appointments.

Resources are always available on the Converge International portal

You can access more resources from the EAP such as webinars, articles, guides, videos, posters and more on the Converge International Portal. Also available on the portal is the Flourish online magazine, which covers a variety of health and wellbeing topics every month.

Use the username and password, “monashhealth” to log-in to the portal.

Is the EAP for you?

Remember, no problem is too small when it comes to your happiness, health, and wellbeing. The EAP can help address your concerns before they worsen. If you’re unsure whether the EAP is right for you, you are welcome to seek assistance and give it a try.

The EAP is one of many health and wellbeing programs and resources Monash Health provides to employees and volunteers. We encourage you, to make the most of these resources and programs, and prioritise your health and wellbeing. Visit our Health and Wellbeing page to learn more.

Banner with the text "Employee Assist: The Converge International Employee Assistance Program (EAP) can support you to build the skills you need to adapt to the changing world of work and to thrive in all areas of life. Face to face / video conference / phone / Converge App / Live Chat. 1300 687 327

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