STAR Awards – starring Excellence in Occupational Health, Safety and Wellbeing

Our recent STAR Award winner for Excellence in Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) goes to Mohamed Badawy, Chief Medical Physicist and Radiation Safety Officer, Imaging. 

The award is given to a person or team who develops innovative ways to improve the quality of healthcare and service delivery. This includes identifying and eliminating risks in the workplace, supporting employees to report issues and then taking action to “fix” the issue, and putting in place employee wellbeing activities and tools that support improved mental health and psychological safety. 

Mohamed is a passionate Radiation Safety Officer who ensures Monash Health is compliant with the Radiation Safety Act and Radiation Guidelines. He commenced at Monash Health in 2018 and since that time he has raised the profile and awareness of Radiation Safety. 

Mohamed and his team were nominated for their professionalism in investigating, responding, and managing radiation compliance for the Ward 44N Radioiodine Treatment Room. In a calm and diligent manner, the team investigated to ensure the risk of exposure for employees and patients was negligible. 

The Medical Physicists team together with Ward 44, Nuclear Medicine, Ward 54 and Ward 34 have employed mitigation strategies to ensure the risks are as low as reasonably achievable (ALARA) for employees and patients. 

About receiving the award, Mohamed says, “Receiving this award fills me with gratitude and pride. Medical Physics and Radiation Safety often operate behind the scenes, with most unaware of what we do. Safety in particular, tends to get highlighted only when issues emerge. This award serves as a spotlight on the critical importance of our work. I’m truly glad that I can play a part in illuminating the significance of our work. 

“I’d first like to express my profound gratitude to my team of physicists. Their dedication and commitment, especially during critical incidents, are unmatched. They shoulder my day-to-day responsibilities, allowing me to zero in on responding to issues promptly and effectively. I also owe a huge debt of thanks to Monash Health Imaging for their unwavering support. A/Prof Ronil Chandra, in particular, has consistently demonstrated a forward-thinking and proactive stance on quality and safety, for which I am immensely grateful. Last but by no means least, I want to thank the Monash Health executive team. Their trust in me, especially during challenging times, empowers me to find solutions without any hindrances.” 

Congratulations to Mohamed for winning this STAR Award! 

If you would like to nominate a colleague or team, you can do so at any time by visiting the STAR Awards portal. For more information about the STAR Awards program, Monash Health Employee Recognition Program page. 

Approved by Chris McLoughlin, Executive Director, People and Culture 

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