‘Leadership for life’ is live on our Healthy Body and Mind Hub

Leadership comes in many forms. This month on the Healthy Body and Mind Hub, the Health at Work team is promoting their framework to help you take charge and create change in your life – at work, at home and beyond. 

Check out the November Webinar ‘The 8-Step Framework to Master your Life’, hosted by Executive Coach Greg Layton. You can also take a quiz to find out if you need to upgrade any of your life leadership skills. 

The Healthy Body and Mind Hub can help you reach your health and wellness goals by giving you access to education, motivation and encouragement. Available anytime, from anywhere, the online learning platform is filled with health and wellness resources like recipes, webinars and podcasts. There are also stretching, mindfulness classes, and fun weekly fitness challenges. 

At the start of every month, a new themed webinar and resources will be available on the Healthy Body and Mind Hub. 

All Monash Health employees have free access to the Healthy Body and Mind Hub by Health at Work. This program can also be shared with your family. You can access the Health Body and Mind Hub here, or via the Health and Wellbeing intranet page. 

Approved by Chris McLoughlin, Executive Director, People and Culture 

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