Stepping into research sparks a STAR Award

A big congratulations to the Monash Health Library Service and Allied Health ‘Stepping into research’ program, who are our ‘Excellence in Research, Teaching and Innovation’ STAR Award winners. 

(Left to right: Keren Moskal Clinical Librarian, Glenda McLean – Imaging Research and Knowledge Translation Lead , Caroline Baker Speech Pathology and Clinical Research Lead) 

This award is for an individual, group or team who develops innovative ways to improve the quality of health care or service delivery. This may include providing quality teaching/education, developing innovative approaches to enhancing care or service delivery or undertaking research that significantly improves clinical quality and safety. 

Adapted to meet the specific need of our employees, ‘Stepping into research’ combines research education, mentoring and self-directed learning.  

The program supports allied health clinicians interested in research to build their skills and contribute to the evidence-base in their own clinical area by conducting a systematic review. Systematic reviews are an important step in making evidence-based changes in clinical practice. 

This four-month program was open to allied health clinicians and medical imaging technologists. Following a rigorous application process, nine clinicians from across Monash Health programs and across the allied health professions were selected to participate. Clinicians did not require research experience but came to the program with a keen interest and enthusiasm for finding the answers to an important clinical question. 

Participants were mentored by experienced allied health researchers from both within and outside of Monash Health and progressed their research over the duration of the program, culminating in a presentation of their process and findings to their colleagues. 

Congratulations to participants Andrea Pearce (Allied Health Professional Practice Advisor), Carolyn Hall (Dietician), Irene Sandjaja (Music Therapist), Jennifer Ward (Social Worker), Marianne Tomlin (Dietician), Oshara de Silva (Dietician), Sarah Mitchell (Speech Pathologist), Siobhan McNally (Occupational Therapist) and Bridget Taylor (Radiographer). 

With thanks to proud mentors (Dr Abby Foster, Glenda McLean, Dr Caroline Baker, Dr Sarah Milne, Dr Corey Joseph, Annette Baron, Cassandra Bendall, Dr Lauren Hanna, Monash University, and Dr Christie Bennett, Monash University), and gratitude for the unwavering technical and expert support from the Library service (Keren Moskal, Cassandra Gorton, Gillian Kilby, Alice Anderson and Sian Besselaar). 

Thank you, team, for facilitating these steps into research! 

If you would like to nominate a colleague or team, you can do so at any time by visiting the STAR Awards portal. For more information about the STAR Awards program, Monash Health Employee Recognition Program page. 

Approved by Silvana Sgro, Acting Executive Director, People and Culture

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