These stars shine when needed most

Congratulations to the Victoria Heart Hospital (VHH) ICU and Surgical Team, who are the STAR Award winners of our Outstanding Care or Service Delivery. 

This award recognises an individual, group or team who have achieved outstanding care, or service delivery. This may include achieving excellent results in their key performance areas, delivering a consistently high-quality service, or establishing a pattern of continuous performance improvement. 

The team were nominated for the care, kindness and professionalism they displayed after a pre-alert eCPR patient died and became a kidney donor.  

The patient had a large family present including his wife and children, and Brendan, Katie and Victoria supported them throughout their first moments of grief and bereavement, while their father was still on life support. 

Dr Brendan Murfin, Interim Director of ICU at the Victorian Heart Hospital, Senior Social Worker Victoria Moors, and Nurse Unit Manager Katie Wild accepted the award on behalf of the team. 

Dr Brendan Murfin said that the award recognises the whole team across VHH who all had an impact on the family. “The forgotten team members here are the ones who are not looking after the patient and family directly, but who spent time and effort taking care of the rest of the hospital and outreach service and the patients on either side of the family.” 

Thank you, team, for your care and kindness! 

If you would like to nominate a colleague or team, you can do so at any time by visiting the STAR Awards portal. For more information about the STAR Awards program, Monash Health Employee Recognition Program page. 

Approved by Silvana Sgro, Acting Executive Director, People and Culture

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