What’s in your wellbeing toolbox?

Earlier this month, we hosted Wayne Schwass, former AFL footballer and mental health advocate for a special R U OK? Day employee wellbeing forum.  

Whether you missed Wayne’s presentation or just wish to benefit further from his insights, you can now access a self-guided Wellbeing Workbook by Wayne Schwass.  

Throughout the Workbook, Wayne asks a series of questions and provokes deep thinking and reflection about our thoughts and actions towards our mental health and wellbeing. 

At the end of the Workbook, Wayne shares his toolbox for the things that you can do to invest in your mental health and ensure you are prioritising your health and wellbeing every day.  

We encourage you to download the Workbook, read, reflect and complete it in your own time. Consider running through the commentary and questions with your teams, colleagues, and even family members or friends. The Workbook is yours to keep, to use as a helpful resource, and refer to when you need.   

Remember, if you or someone you care about is not doing okay, there are several resources, programs and support services available to help you.  


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