Reading for Wellbeing

The popular Stronger Together Team Wellbeing Grants program has ended recently with great success. As part of the program, a wide range of new books on health and wellbeing were welcomed to the popular Mind and Matter book collection in Monash Health Library.

Employees can borrow from this collection of books on leadership, practical workplace skills, personal development as well as health stories, investigations, and memoirs. You also access an eBook to read from wherever you are.

The Mind and Matter book collection is available from the libraries at Monash Medical Centre (Clayton), Dandenong Hospital and Casey Hospital campuses. Employees can also request that an item be sent to another library site or to their department via internal mail. When books are on loan, employees may reserve to be ‘next in line’. Loans are for 4 weeks and may be renewed if no one else is waiting for the item.

Browse all wellbeing books on our Library’s website. Browse all Mind and Matter books.

Beyond the Stronger Together Team Wellbeing Grants, we have and continue to prioritise the wellbeing of all our employees. We have a number of ongoing initiatives and resources available to support you, including our Employee Wellbeing Programs and external resources and services.


Approved by Chris McLoughlin, Director, People and Culture, and Alice Anderson, Director, Library Services

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