Support for workforce mobilisation and reassignment

The Workforce Mobilisation team is a temporary team set up to help coordinate our workforce, as we manage the impacts of COVID-19​, and continue caring for non-COVID-19 patients.

The team also manages the potential reassignment of employees where their additional skills may be required to assist in critical need areas such as ICU, Support Services, and Emergency.

All employees have been encouraged to complete the Workforce Mobilisation Profile.

Reassignment temporarily places an employee into a role within a different unit/function. This is so the employee can continue working but also helps us support the resource needs across the organisation during this pandemic.

Managers should contact the workforce mobilisation team if:

  • Employees are unable to perform their normal role because:
    • the service or unit is temporarily closed or reducing services, or
    • the employee has completed the At Risk Employee Process and requires assistance to be temporarily reassigned
  • there is a requirement for new or additional resources (where internal options have been exhausted)
  • there are projects which could benefit from reassigning

All coordination of the medical workforce will be via the Monash Health Medical Workforce Unit. Contact:

For more information, visit the Monash Health employees website, read the FAQs document, download the work flow poster or email


Authorised by Karen Lowe, Executive Director People & Culture
Signed off by HICT 12 April 2020

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