Take a break and stretch that body!

Sitting down a long time with no break puts us at a higher risk of injury, so we must stretch to keep our arms, legs, and neck supple.

And this is even more important when we have long days or times of high stress.

Some of us across the organisation may no longer be working from our usual workstations but we still need to be careful around our posture and look after ourselves.

Angelyn Kua, will be familiar to those who go to Healthwise Fitness – Monash Health’s employee gym. And she’s gone out of her way to give us some tips about how to stretch during the work day.

Angelyn, who is a group fitness instructor and takes Pilates classes in the gym, demonstrates just how quick and simple it is to get your body moving to ensure you stay safe and reduce the risk of aches and pain.

Stretching has many benefits as it helps improve range of motion, posture, decrease back pain, and help prevent injury.

This sequence is ideal to do at your desk, whether that’s at home or work – it’s deskercise without breaking a sweat!

Stretching at home with Healthwise Fitness

Please take the time to incorporate this as many times as you can throughout the day. Angelyn suggests three times!

For more tips and advice, please see the health and wellbeing resources on the Monash Health employee coronavirus website.

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