Eastwood Hostel care recipients send Helen a ‘Happy Birthday’

After hearing that Helen Mangham would be celebrating her 105th birthday alone in isolation, the care recipients at our Eastwood Hostel care facility decided to help. Helen couldn’t hold big celebrations for her birthday in her hometown of Lifsey Springs, Atlanta due to COVID-19. So, to help celebrate this milestone, her family asked for birthday cards from around the world.  

After seeing a news story about Helen’s situation, Simran Kaur, a member of the Wellbeing Team across Residential Services, started brainstorming with the care recipients about how they could make Helen’s birthday memorable.  

They were keen to make handmade birthday card to send to Helen. In groups of five or six, they used craft materials to make the card. This included cutting coloured paper, pasting it and decorating it. After two days of hard work, they were able to come up with a beautiful card, which they all signed with messages of well wishes and beautiful comments.  

Together, Simran and the care recipients were able to make Helen’s birthday more memorable! 

Approved by Katrina Nankervis on 14 August  

Approved by Juliet Adams (Deputy Director of Nursing/Operations Manager – Residential Services) on 14 August 

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