2021-22 Annual Report – Excellence throughout and beyond the pandemic

Monash Health’s 2021-22 Annual Report has been tabled in the Victorian Parliament.  

The report outlines our role as a health service and highlights our extraordinary contribution to Victoria’s pandemic response, our continued emphasis on growth in research and our commitment to our guiding principles and delivering excellent care for the community.  

Throughout the year our research focus continued to improve, with 768 new research projects submitted for approval, increasing active research projects to 1,664. This report gave us the opportunity to showcase our strengths in this area and highlight the crucial work we are doing.  

“I have the great privilege of working with some of the world’s leading researchers: people who have a lifelong commitment to discovery, clinical treatment and teaching,” said Chief Executive, Professor Andrew Stripp. 

“We have an obligation as an academic health service, to deliver excellent clinical care today, and discover what needs to be done to deliver excellent clinical care tomorrow.” 

Other Report highlights include: 

  • providing statewide leadership in delivering care to pregnant women with COVID-19  
  • delivering 119,132 telehealth consultations (48% of all antenatal consultations) 
  • operating Victoria’s busiest high-capacity vaccination centre and many pop-up clinics across the catchment 
  • reducing COVID-19 immunisation time from 8 to 3 mins, reducing required workforce by 25%, enabling clinicians to return to hospitals  
  • establishing a Virtual Emergency Department, which provided care for over 1,000 patients in its first five months, diverting 77% from hospital to more appropriate care  
  • ongoing improvement in our employee satisfaction and retention rates 
  • delivering a basic physician training program with a 97% pass rate in 2021 
  • welcoming 737 graduate nurses, midwives, and mental health registered nurses 
  • demonstrating thanks and appreciation for our healthcare workers by providing increased health and wellbeing initiatives through the Be Well Be Safe Program 
  • managing the State Supply Centre serving the needs of health care providers across Victoria  
  • continuing to provide high-quality healthcare for people at every life stage, at our campuses and in the community. 

“While highlights are easy to capture, the small acts of kindness and care that occur every day across the health network are far harder to quantify, but have made all the difference to those we care for and for each other,” writes Professor Stripp in his opening message of the report. 

Keep an eye on iNews over the coming weeks as we share some of the wonderful stories from within the report. 

The full report can be found here monashhealth.org.  

Approved by Professor Andrew Stripp  

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